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About Us
YG Teknoloji is established for producing high quality pins and bushings and also otherspare parts. It continues its activity at a factory that has 1800 m2 outdoor area and 1400m2 indoor area in Başkent Organized Industrial Zone.

Customer satisfaction is our main philosophy and YG Teknoloji is desirable in this sector with its sense of high quality production. Our strategy is supporting our country’s development and economy with our experiences and performance.

Our vision as YG Teknoloji is producing the best quality pin and bushing by keeping follow teknological developments very closely.


Discover the key advantages of YG replacement parts and why they’re a step above the competition.

For over 10 years, we’ve been keeping your machines running efficiently. Trust YG spare parts to keep your work moving, all day, every day.

Unlike other options, our pins and bushings are designed to strict specifications for a perfect fit, delivering precise productivity, longer life and lower operating costs.

Our pins and bushings are designed for outstanding strength and resistance to wear from abrasive and high-load conditions. This means that they perform better and last longer, resulting in higher productivity and lower costs for you.

At YG Teknoloji, we design all components simultaneously to match machine and application requirements perfectly, from bushing to pin.

Bushing and pin are key elements in equipment joints where vibration and rotation movements are applied repeatedly. Our years of experience in designing and manufacturing pins and bushings for construction equipment has led to a manufacturing process that ensures high quality in heavy-load and abrasive-resistant conditions.

YG Technology is always by your side with its expert team. Our experienced and innovative staff is here to provide solutions that will meet the needs of even the most complex machines. Each part has been meticulously manufactured and undergone quality control, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of your business.


YG pins are designed specifically for construction and mining equipment, providing precise fit and peak performance. These parts are designed as a system, with pins and bushings that fit within a fraction of a millimeter. They are stronger and more resistant to high load conditions compared to competitors, with a heat treat depth that is up to two times greater.


After 10 years in business, YG has become a leading producer of bushings for the construction, mining, drilling, agriculture machineries, hydraulic cylinder and work equipment. Our bushings are precision parts used in a variety of industries and are an ideal solution for reinforcing, centering, or supporting various components.


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